CSC 253L

Number Systems

Learn about binary, octal and hexadecimal and how to convert to/from decimal, also how to add and subtract.

Assembler Concepts

These videos talk about assembler programming in general, how it relates to higher level languages like C and Java.

CSC-1 concepts

These videos show what the CSC-1 computer is, its parts and how they work.

Memory Concepts Memory in the CSC-1

These videos show memory loads and stores, both direct and indirect.

(Indirect addressing is videos 2 and 3)

CASM tutorial

These videos show you how to use the CASM software, which is how you compile and run assembler programs for the CSC-1.

CASM updates (Nov. 2014)

The breakpoint system has been revamped and a new capability to print out debugging information has been added.