CSC 253L

Number Systems

Learn about binary, octal and hexadecimal and how to convert to/from decimal, also how to add and subtract.

Assembler Concepts

These videos talk about assembler programming in general, how it relates to higher level languages like C and Java.

CSC-1 concepts

These videos show what the CSC-1 computer is, its parts and how they work.

Memory in the CSC-1

These videos show memory loads and stores, both direct and indirect.

CASM tutorial

These videos show you how to use the CASM software, which is how you compile and run assembler programs for the CSC-1.

CASM updates (Nov. 2014)

The breakpoint system has been revamped and a new capability to print out debugging information has been added.

Arrays and subroutines

There is one video showing a subroutine that processes an array. The source code is included as a text file which you can download. The latest rev of CASM is also in this directory.