R. Mark Meyer outside Chennai, India Jan. 2011
Dr. R. Mark Meyer
Associate Professor
Computer Science Department
Canisius College
WTC 207
(716) 888-2432

email: meyer@canisius.edu

Fall 2017 schedule

         All my courses are on d2l.canisius.edu.
         The only materials here are links and other ancillary helps.

         CSC 111 -- Introduction to Programming
         CSC 253 -- Computer Hardware (and lab)     VIDEOS

         CSC 310 MYSQL
         Getting started with Unix(Linux) -- appropriate for CSC 310 and CSC 380
         How to study more effectively
Other academics
         CSC 110 labs
         Hardware Textbook [ Complete zip file ]
Campus Links
         CS Department home page
Software and Useful Information
         Calculate your QPA

Unix and C cheat sheet my own personal sheet of Unix notes; you might find it helpful
More Unix info contains Ada and C programs, and tons more!
C lessons my own work in progress, used to teach CS majors (and anyone else) the fundamentals of C. Contains no copyrighted material.
Unix movies Very short movies on how to use Unix
STUDY VIDEOS Videos encouraging good study habits

Core Curriculum Committee

JB labs

CoreCurr -- a place to submit your assessment artifacts

Coredb -- a database of all core courses

CCC meeting of May 19, 2016 (since D2L is down)